H. E. Services Adds New Custom Andover Trailers To Its Fleet

Andover Trailers is delivering a fleet of custom-built step frame trailers valued at over £500,000 to H. E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd, the UK’s leading specialist excavator hire company. This marks one of the most substantial trailer orders secured by the Hampshire-based company this year. With the specialised trailers exclusively manufactured at their two production facilities in Andover.

This recent order notably includes the introduction of the first-ever four-axle Andover step frame trailers. Which have been built with SAF 11-tonne disc brake axles.

Peter Durey, Managing Director of H. E. Services, anticipates that these disc brakes will mitigate past issues associated with older-style drum brakes, such as cracking during service. Besides enhancing reliability, the disc brakes are expected to deliver superior braking performance and simplify maintenance procedures. They will also reduce downtime during trailer servicing.

Mr. Durey explains, “We’ve had positive experiences with the disc brakes on our smaller Andover step frames. Consequently, we requested the design team to incorporate them into the new SFCL 67s. While these larger trailers feature new side extensions to the deck, bridge, and beavertail, we’ve largely retained the specifications.”

He adds, “The fact that we can work our trailers as rigorously as we do for four years. Then confidently place a repeat order for nearly identical products speaks volumes about the quality of Andover’s construction.”

About the order

The order consists of:

  • Six SFCL 48
  • Two SFCL 53 tri-axle step frames
  • Two larger four-axle SFCL 67 step frames

The latter, with a low-profile neck and beavertail, are capable of operating at 48, 53, and 67 tonnes under STGO conditions. The six SFCL 48 models are replacing a fleet of smaller 40-tonne (SFCL 40) step frames to increase the fleet capacity.

Andover Trailers - H. E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd

All these trailers are equipped with SAF air-suspension featuring raise/lower control. Additionally they include:

  • Hydraulic steady legs
  • Top deck ramps
  • Robust trailer-mounted toolboxes
  • Full LED lighting
  • Multiple lashing points for enhanced load security

The smaller SFCL 48 step frames are fitted with a lifting rear axle and fuel-saving 1m wide fold-forward ramps, aiding the loading of tracked machinery. The SFCL 53s come with 1m wide by 2.5m long heavy-duty single ramps, hydraulic sideways controls, groucer bars on the beavertail, and a steering rear-axle for improved maneuverability. The top-tier SFCL 67s share similar ramp and groucer bar features but incorporate a self-tracking fourth axle and lifting front axle. All the trailers sport a distinct French Blue paint finish with silver and red prominent markings.

Ivan Collins, Sales Director of Andover Trailers, adds, “We’re receiving ten used step frames as part of the exchange for the new order. It’s truly satisfying to see how straight the frames remain after four years of intensive use by H. E. Services. It’s a testament to the strength of the four-member frame construction we employ.”

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This supply of new trailers follows a previous delivery of seven Andover plant bodies. Each mounted on DAF 8×2 rigids, earlier this year to H. E. Services. Together, this fleet will support the transportation of more than 2,500 excavators from the company’s 12 depots throughout England, Scotland, and Wales.

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To learn more about the heavy haulage and specialist transport solutions offered by Andover Trailers, reach out to:

Ivan Collins at Andover Trailers Ltd, Unit 75, Columbus Way, Walworth Business Park, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 5NP, or email sales@andovertrailers.co.uk. You can also visit their website at www.andovertrailers.co.uk.


All information correct as of: 10th November 2012.

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