H. E. Services Purchases 10 New Hydrema 912D Articulated Dump Trucks

Well known for their off road performance the articulated Hydrema 912D dump truck has been on the H.E. Services fleet for more than 10 years. It has found favour with many users up and down the country.

The Hydrema dump truck is widely used all year round in many applications. It is also well liked in the wetter months when ground conditions dictate the use of lower ground pressure trucks. The combination of high power to weight ratio, wide tyres and a patent stabilised pivot steer system are all put to good use in bad conditions.

“The 912D will match most tracked dumpers. It is very fuel efficient and reliable with low running costs and good resale values. We run a large fleet of Hydrema trucks and find the machines are perfect for teaming up with our 13 -20t excavators” says Peter Durey MD of H.E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd.

About Hydrema

Hydrema, a Danish heavy equipment manufacturer. It is well-known for its innovative and robust machinery, including the Hydrema 912D articulated dump truck. The Hydrema 912D is a highly regarded workhorse in the construction and earthmoving industries. It is appreciated for its exceptional off-road capabilities and versatility. With its powerful engine and impressive load capacity, this dump truck can efficiently transport materials across challenging terrains. All whilst maintaining stability and control. Hydrema’s commitment to durability and cutting-edge technology is evident in the design of the 912D. Making it a reliable choice for heavy-duty applications, whether on construction sites, mining operations, or infrastructure projects. 

Hydrema 912D articulated dump truck

This dump truck reflects the company’s dedication to delivering efficient and dependable equipment to meet the demands of the most demanding construction tasks. Check out the Hydrema articulated dump truck available to hire here at H. E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd. 

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All information correct as of: 18th January 2013.

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