H. E. Services Proudly Joins The NFDC

We are proud Industrial Service Providers – ISP of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors – NFDC.

About the NFDC

The National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC) is a prominent and influential trade association. That represents the interests of the demolition industry in the United Kingdom. Established to promote excellence and safety within the sector, it is known for its commitment to upholding high standards in demolition practices. The organisation provides a platform for its members. Comprising both demolition contractors and suppliers. With the intention to network, share best practices, and stay updated on the latest industry developments. NFDC

They plays a vital role in shaping industry regulations, advocating for safety measures, and supporting the professional development of its members. Through its dedication to advancing the demolition field, the NFDC ensures that projects are carried out efficiently, responsibly, and in accordance with the highest standards of environmental and occupational safety.

Joining the NFDC

On Wednesday 11 July 2013, the NFDC contacted us with news that our application had been successful. We are now an accredited supply company.

The NFDC raises the profile of demolition companies by identifying them as reputable and trustworthy. The rigidly imposed high standards required for admittance to join are monitored on an ongoing basis. Ensuring that standards are maintained throughout the duration of membership.

All members agree to abide by the Federation rules that encompass an exacting Code of Conduct. The NFDC expects its members to provide a service to clients that meet the highest standards of:

  • Professional management
  • Workmanship
  • Courtesy
  • Integrity

With the addition of the annual Accredited Site Audit Scheme. These standards are now monitored and policed to ensure consistently high standards and to provide corporate members with a mark of distinction and quality.

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All information is correct as of: 11th July 2013.

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