H. E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd roll out Prolec’s height and slew limiter

H. E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd are delighted to announce we are working with JF Prolec.

Smart Enhancements for Excavators

Following a review of their client’s needs, H. E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd have started to roll out JF Prolec’s height and slew restrictors. Working in collaboration with selected Komatsu excavators on their hire fleet.

Nationwide AvailabilityProlec System

This system complements JF Prolec’s lifting systems already fitted on some of our 14, 22 & 36 tonne excavators. A selection of JF Prolec’s systems are available to hire from any of H. E.Services 10 depots nationwide. The new height and slew restrictors have initially been installed on new Komatsu PW160-11 2 piece boom wheeled excavators. Ensuring they are fully compliant to Highways England’s specifications.

It was important for H. E. Services to find the right partner to provide a reliable enhanced system. They had to have plenty of experience and expertise to complement their services. With 30 years’ experience supplying machine productivity and safety systems for construction equipment, JF Prolec has set the benchmark for compliant, smart solutions.

Maintaining Safety and Productivity

JF Prolec’s PME500 system which monitors height and slew, including virtual walls, In addition to its RCI (Rated Capacity Indicator) capability, JF Prolec’s PME500 system monitors height and slew. Whgilst using virtual walls to provide full envelope control. It also includes a supervisory and overrides key switches, alarm and with an eight-stage valve block to provide motion cut capability. The system combines functions found in conventional RCI (Rated Capacity Indicator) and height and slew limiters into one integrated safety solution.

This system monitors the machine’s movement relative to pre-determined exclusion or safe working zones. It will warn the operator when approaching any limit set. In addition to this, the system also monitors the machine’s movement, warning the operator should the machine’s stability be compromised within pre-defined height or slew limits.

Fully engineered for compatibility with all major manufacturers, the system maximises productivity while maintaining strict control over the safety of the machine. The system will also provide full logging of operation and driver behaviour for later retrieval.

For more information on any of H. E. Services excavators, dumpers, dump trucks, rollers telehandlers, including a full range of attachments or accessories. If you wish to obtain a quote, please call or email H. E. Services National Hire Centre on 0208 804 2000 or email nhc@heservices.co.uk.

All information correct as of: 22nd May 2019.

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