H. E. Services Invests £500k In Manitou Telehandlers

With over three decades of experience in the plant hire industry, Peter Durey, the Managing Director of H. E. Services, brings a wealth of knowledge to the company’s equipment selection process.

This experience has been instrumental in curating a diverse range of top-notch construction machinery that’s essential to his role. The decision to include the Manitou MT625 telehandler in their portfolio is a testament to Peter’s keen judgment for quality equipment. Ensuring that only the best is offered to H. E. Services’ clients. The fleet boasts a vast inventory of over 2,000 pieces of plant equipment. Available from their depots scattered nationwide, with the Head Office located in Strood, Kent.

This strategic choice reflects H. E. Services’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology. Plus a wide array of telehandlers to cater to diverse needs. Given the growing interest in compact to mid-sized telehandlers, the Manitou MT625 proves to be a fitting addition.

The acquisition of the new MT625 through local Manitou dealer, Glosrose Construction, marks a significant milestone. This half-a-million-pound deal with H. E. Services serves as an early triumph for Glosrose Construction. Establishing a reputation for exceptional service and parts support for the Manitou customer base within their region.

Manitou Telehandler

Peter Durey shares his perspective on the Manitou 625. Emphasising its impressive capabilities despite its compact size. With a 6-meter lift height and a 2500kg load capacity, the MT625 is well-suited for confined workspaces. Whilst offering the power and capabilities of a larger machine. He further notes the ease of cab access and the responsiveness of its controls. Highlighting the attention to operator comfort and efficiency.

Other Benefits of hiring a Manitou Telehandler

Versatility: Manitou telehandlers are highly versatile machines that can handle a wide range of tasks, from lifting and placing materials to reaching high or hard-to-access areas. They can be equipped with various attachments, such as forks, buckets, and grapples, making them adaptable to different job requirements.

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H. E. Services’ dedication to exceptional service and reliable machinery remains unwavering, ensuring they adapt to customer requirements and market trends, drawing from their invaluable 40-year experience.

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All information correct as of: 18th June 2013. 

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