H. E. Services Increases Manitou Fleet

H. E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd has responded to peoples needs with an increase of 100 Manitou telehandlers.

This now leaves the UK Plant Hire company with 350 Manitou telescopic handlers of various meter ranges in total. In comparison to the 250 that were previously owned.

So Why These Particular Telehandlers?

The Manitou range has always received good feedback from customers and the press.

Using these telehandlers offers several advantages for construction and material handling operations:

Versatility: Manitou telehandlers are versatile machines suitable for a wide range of applications, from lifting materials to reaching high places.

Reach and Height: They offer impressive lift heights, enabling efficient work in multi-story construction projects and other elevated tasks.

Efficiency: Manitou telehandlers improve efficiency by quickly moving heavy loads and reducing the need for manual labour.

Safety: Equipped with stability features, they ensure safe operation on uneven terrain and in various weather conditions.

Manoeuvrability: These machines are designed for easy movement in confined spaces, enhancing productivity.

By ordering 100 new telehandlers H. E. Services can respond to customer demands. This increase falls in line with H. E. Services high standards with all plant machinery being between 0-3 years old, ensuring quality and reliability.

About Manitou

Manitou, a renowned French heavy equipment manufacturer, has established a global reputation for innovation and excellence in material handling machinery. With a history spanning several decades, Manitou is a leader in designing and producing a wide range of telehandlers, forklifts, and other lifting and access equipment. Their commitment to cutting-edge technology, operator safety, and environmental sustainability is evident in their products, which find applications across various industries, including construction, agriculture, and industrial sectors. Manitou’s dedication to providing versatile and reliable machinery makes them a trusted choice for companies worldwide, contributing to the efficiency and success of a wide range of material handling tasks.

Manitou Telehandlers

All information correct as of: 16th September 2014.

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