Everything you need to know about our Digger Attachments

When it comes to digger attachments, we’ve got you covered for any job or project. Our extensive range of attachments is designed to make construction tasks easier and more efficient.

Our Bucket Range

6-in-1 Bucket

Our 6-in-1 bucket is a versatile attachment that complements our diggers perfectly. It’s suitable for our 8 tonne diggers, making it a great choice for tasks that involve loading, dozing, digging, grabbing, spreading, and grading – essentially, all-in-one.

Allu Buckets

The Allu buckets are perfect for screening, crushing, aerating, mixing, and loading site materials. These attachments are designed for heavy-duty excavators like our 22 and 36 tonne diggers.

Turf Cutting Buckets

For jobs that require precise turf cutting and a smooth finish, our turf cutting buckets are the ideal choice. With a generous 72-inch width, they ensure a clean and professional result.

Crusher Bucket

When it comes to demolition projects, our crusher bucket is your go-to attachment. It’s specifically designed for crushing concrete and is compatible with our 22 tonne diggers. This attachment efficiently breaks down large materials into more manageable pieces, providing a cost-effective solution for smaller jobs.

Reed Buckets

Our Reed buckets are designed for cutting and re-handling reeds. They are suitable for our 14, 22, and long-reach diggers.

Shaker Buckets

Shaker buckets, also known as riddle buckets, are used for sorting larger objects from smaller ones. These buckets “shake” the material, allowing small objects to fall through the holes while retaining larger items.

Skeletal D.M

The skeletal D.M bucket is ideal for cleaning ditches that require drainage and vegetation clearance. It’s suitable for our 8 and 15 tonne excavators.

Tilting Blades

While resembling a bucket, our tilting blades are mainly used for grading at various angles. These attachments work seamlessly with our 3, 5, 8, 14, and 22 tonne diggers.


Rotowrists allow continuous 360-degree swivelling of buckets, with a 45-degree tilting range in each direction. They are invaluable for handling complex grading tasks with precision.

Trapezoidal Buckets

Our trapezoidal bucket boasts a distinct shape that’s perfect for creating precise angles or ‘V’-shaped trenches and ditches. This attachment is compatible with our 5, 8, 15, 22, 36, and 49 tonne diggers.

Shaker Buckets
Reed Buckets
Rotary Screening Bucket Hire from H. E. Services Plant Hire

Demolition Equipment

Our selection of digger attachments provides excellent solutions for demolition tasks, including:

Dedicated Rotating Pulverisers: These attachments are the perfect choice for demolishing buildings and walls, and they excel at crushing large concrete chunks with ease.

Dedicated Rotating Shears: Designed specifically for cutting steel beams, these dedicated units are ideal for precision work in demolition projects.

Ripper Teeth: Ripper teeth are indispensable for demolition work, effectively extracting stumps, breaking through hard ground, and efficiently removing stubborn materials.

Master Claws: Master claws are versatile digger attachments, highly valuable for handling demolition tasks and ensuring efficient clearance of debris.

Concrete Crushers: Among our popular demolition equipment, we offer two types of concrete crushers. The first, a smaller yet powerful crusher with a fixed head and non-rotating design, is perfect for secondary demolition on concrete and general building materials, simplifying material handling. The second, an extremely powerful crusher, is designed for top-down and secondary demolition. It streamlines concrete recycling by separating rebar from the concrete, making it an ideal choice for our larger diggers.

Breakers: We provide a range of breaker sizes suitable for our machinery, catering to excavators ranging from 1.5 tons to 49 tons. Breakers are indispensable tools on construction sites, serving the critical purpose of efficiently breaking down materials such as concrete, rocks, and tarmac. They play an essential role in ensuring that construction projects progress quickly and effectively.

These digger attachments significantly enhance the efficiency and precision of demolition tasks, making them essential tools in various construction projects.

H. E Breaker
Hydraulic Crusher Bucket
Ripper Tooths

On site helping hand Digger Attachments

We also offer a range of valuable digger attachments to streamline and enhance the efficiency of your tasks:

Augers & Flights: These attachments are designed for boring holes in soft to medium ground, making them ideal for various applications.

Brush Cutters: Mounted on excavators, these cutters reduce treated material into smaller sizes and excel at clearing long grass, weeds, and twigs.

Kerb Lifters: Perfect for lifting kerbs, these attachments simplify the process of handling heavy materials.

Excavator-Mounted Pallet Forks: These forks are excellent for moving large and heavy objects with the help of a pallet, enhancing your material handling capabilities.

Pipe Pushers: These attachments allow operators to push or pull pipes in and out of trenches and ducting. Their unique hydraulic hoses also enable the clamping and unclamping of pipes.

Fence Post Drivers: Highly effective and safe to use, these drivers ensure precise and easy post installation.

Pole Grabs: Designed for ease of use, pole grabs facilitate the extraction and positioning of poles and posts in various terrains.

Tree Shears: Ideal for cutting trees, these shears provide operators with full control during tree removal. They are particularly well-suited for challenging locations with restricted access, such as slopes, banks, woods, forests, and areas adjacent to railway lines and roads.

While the list provided covers some of our digger attachments and accessories, we have a comprehensive range that complements our machinery, ensuring efficiency across a variety of tasks. Don’t forget to explore our selection of telehandler attachments and plant accessories to further enhance your project capabilities!

H. E Breaker
Hydraulic Crusher Bucket
Ripper Tooths

Masterhitch Europe Ltd

Masterhitch Europe Ltd, our sister company, are known as leaders in the design and manufacture of excavator attachments, excavator buckets and parts for construction, earth-moving and also demolition work. Safety is a key factor in all of Masterhitch’s products. If you require an attachment for any of our excavators, Masterhitch can custom manufacture anything to meet your specifications.

A  committed Masterhitch quick hitch is fitted to every one of our excavators between 2 and 45 tons. This is above all an advantage because the more you change buckets, the more time you save. This can almost save up to an hour per day.

Our sales team can give a quote based on attachments made, as well as the machinery. View our latest machinery available to hire and get in touch with us.

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All information correct as of: 21st January 2023.

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