2 New Excavator Attachments Now Available

We have recently added to our extensive range of excavator attachments. We’re thrilled to introduce two brand-new, innovative attachments designed to enhance your capabilities on-site.

Hydraulic Crusher BucketHydraulic Crusher Bucket

The Hydraulic Crusher Bucket is a cutting-edge attachment meticulously crafted to tackle on-site materials effortlessly. Engineered to crush a wide array of materials. From demolition waste, concrete, and brick to solid rock, tiles, and more. This attachment capitalises on your excavator’s hydraulic system. It offers you the flexibility to work with an extensive range of materials. Facilitating either easy on-site material reuse or efficient disposal.

Compared to hiring a standalone crusher, this bucket proves to be a more cost-effective solution, delivering exceptional performance in material crushing at an excellent value.

Available for 14 & 22 tonne excavators.

Rotary Screening BucketRotary Screening Bucket Hire from H. E. Services Plant Hire

Our new Rotary Screening Bucket is expertly designed for efficient material screening, sorting, and separation. Whether it’s rubble or natural materials such as quarry rock and topsoil. The unique cone-shaped basket allows for seamless material pickup, while the 360-degree protective frame prevents excess strain. With varied diameter holes, this attachment facilitates precise material filtering. Allowing you to separate the materials you need efficiently.

By using this attachment, you can reduce your crushing time by up to 60% and manage your schedule in the most efficient way possible. Ultimately, saving both time and resources.

Available for 8, 14, & 22 tonne excavators.

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With a vast fleet exceeding 3500 plant items available for hire, H. E. Services are dedicated to offering only the most advanced and productive machines. We source our equipment from renowned manufacturers such as:

  • Komatsu
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  • Manitou
  • Mecalac

All ensuring top-notch quality and performance. Our exceptional service is provided by a committed workforce that takes pride in assisting you.

For enquiries or bookings, contact our exceptional team members at 0208 804 2000. Alternatively, you can request a quote or book your excavator attachments hire on our website.

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All information correct as of: 21st July 2022.

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