Celebrating 50 Years of Plant Hire with a Daredevil Stunt!

We hosted a VIP Open Day at Diggerland-Kent, to say a massive thank you to all our wonderful, loyal customers for playing a big part in our success!

June has been a special month for H. E. SERVICES’ as we celebrated 50 years of Plant Hire! This VIP Open Day at Diggerland was for our customers around the UK who have played a massive part in doing business with us. The day consisted of operator challenges, entertainment, new product launches /demonstrations, Dancing Diggers, Digger Wars and a finale surprise stunt performed by our Chairman, Hugh Edeleanu which was a great success.

Sponsors of the VIP Open Day

We had suppliers who sponsored our day by having stands on display. This included, Marubeni Komatsu, GlosroseManitou Group, JCB Greenshields as well as our food sponsors; Mecalac and Channels Commercials PLC. We also had our sister companies; EVision, Diggerland Plant Training School and Masterhitch.


We had live demonstrations on the day showing our new product launches such as our brand new Smart Refuelling Station (Smart Bowser) Power Tower and our new Excavator Vacuum Attachment! Our new Smart Refuelling Station (smart Fuel Bowser) which was attached to our new 100% electric Service Vehicle  was loved by our customers! This is the first ever Smart Bowser powered by solar energy! Masterhitch also demonstrated its Quick Hitch safety feature using our 3 ton digger. 


We wanted our customers to have the best day to say thank you so, we arranged for live music by the wonderful band Electric Outfit as well as face painting for all the kids, though we did spot a few adults getting a cheeky glitter tattoo done! We also had Dancing Diggers, stilt walkers and an aerialist performance! We offered complimentary food & drinks and unlimited alcohol…when we hold an event, we want to make sure it’s a memorable one!

Operator Challenges

What’s a celebration without games right?

We arranged for fun operator challenges such as:

‘Egg and Spoon Challenge’

The operator had to use a Komatsu PC26 and a custom made spoon attachment to pick up an egg and gently put the egg into the egg cup without breaking it, all in 3 minutes! 


‘Champagne Challenge’

This required a lot of skill and concentration! The aim was to pick up a bottle of Champagne, filled with water (we wouldn’t waste the good stuff!) into 6 glasses using only a Komatsu PC55, to be completed within 3 minutes! 


‘H. E. Logo Puzzle’

The operator had to use a Komatsu PC80 and a selector grab to arrange colour blocks to create the H. E. Logo. Looks way easier than it is for sure! This had to be completed in 3 minutes! 


‘Digger Wars’

This was the most dangerous but loved challenge! The operator had to command  a JCB 801 mini digger and take on a fellow warrior in a battle of booms and buckets! A really tough challenge for young, fit operators!

Congratulations to our winners:

Egg and spoon challenge – Luke Dillion- 0.30 seconds,

Champagne challenge- Dough Boyd – 0.42 seconds

H. E. logo puzzle – Kane Baley -2.18 Seconds

Digger Wars – Adam Eagle 12.8 seconds

Finalé Stunt 

Our Chairman, Hugh Edeleanu, has a tradition to do a risky stunt performance which has never been attempted before as well as breaking world records! In 1997, he achieved the Guinness World Record for the fastest journey in a JCB digger from John O’Groats to Lands End. Hugh also drove a Komatsu digger underwater in 2012 and not forgetting his 2016 stunt, when he was swung around by an excavator, gripping on using just his teeth!


This year, Hugh attempted to balance a PC14- mini digger on tight ropes! Hugh drove on a Komatsu PC14 over two parallel high tight ropes which were attached onto Komatsu Loading Shovels, facing opposite one another, four metres high and 30 metres long . Baring in mind, he was not wearing a safety harness or a helmet. This stunt watched by over 1000 attendees as well as watched all over the news.  It was amazing to watch him succeed in this stunt and we are sure he has many others in line to perform due time!

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