Celebrating 50 Years of Plant Hire with a Daredevil Stunt!

In June, we marked a momentous occasion – 50 years of excellence in Plant Hire at H. E. Services. We wanted to express our deep gratitude to the customers who have been a fundamental part of our success. We hosted a VIP Open Day at the ever-thrilling Diggerland Kent. This spectacular event was dedicated to our loyal customers across the UK who have been instrumental in our journey.

A Day to Remember

Our VIP Open Day was filled with excitement, entertainment, and a showcase of new products that promise innovation and efficiency. The day included:

  • Operator challenges
  • Live entertainment
  • Thrilling product launches and demonstrations
  • Dancing Diggers
  • A captivating Digger War
  • A surprise stunt performed by our Chairman, Hugh Edeleanu

Sponsored by Industry Leaders

The event received generous support from our esteemed sponsors. Marubeni Komatsu, Glosrose – Manitou Group, and JCB Greenshields showcased their products at the event. Our food sponsors, Mecalac and Channels Commercials PLC, provided delicious fare. In addition, our sister companies, EVision, Diggerland Plant Training School, and Masterhitch, were present to share their expertise and services.

Komatsu Trailer
JCB pop up
Manitou stand

Innovative Product Demonstrations

Attendees had the opportunity to witness live demonstrations of our latest products, including the innovative Smart Refuelling Station (Smart Bowser) and the Power Tower. The Smart Bowser, powered by solar energy and attached to our new 100% electric Service Vehicle, was a particular highlight, impressing our customers. Masterhitch also showcased its Quick Hitch safety feature using our 3-ton digger.

Unforgettable Entertainment

We wanted our customers to have a memorable day, so we organised a variety of entertainment options. The fantastic Electric Outfit band played live music, and face painting added a dash of fun for both children and adults. Dancing Diggers, stilt walkers, and an aerialist performance captivated the audience. We ensured there was complimentary food, drinks, and unlimited alcohol, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

Operator Challenges

No celebration is complete without games, and our operator challenges added an extra layer of excitement. These challenges included:

  • Egg and Spoon Challenge: Operators used a Komatsu PC26 with a custom-made spoon attachment to delicately pick up an egg and place it in an egg cup without breaking it, all within a three-minute time frame.

  • Champagne Challenge: A test of skill and concentration, operators had to use a Komatsu PC55 to pick up a bottle of Champagne filled with water and pour it into six glasses, all in just three minutes.

  • H. E. Logo Puzzle: Operators used a Komatsu PC80 and a selector grab to arrange coloured blocks into the H. E. logo, a deceptively tricky task completed within three minutes.

  • Digger Wars: The most thrilling challenge, where operators commanded a JCB 801 mini digger to battle a fellow warrior in a duel of booms and buckets. A tough challenge even for the fittest and youngest operators!

Congratulations to the winners of these thrilling challenges, including Luke Dillion, Doug Boyd, Kane Baley, and Adam Eagle.

A Daring Finale

Our Chairman, Hugh Edeleanu, is renowned for his daring stunts and record-breaking feats. This year, he astounded the audience by balancing a PC14 mini digger on tight ropes, a feat never attempted before. Driving the Komatsu PC14 over two parallel high tight ropes, four meters high and 30 meters long, without the use of a safety harness or helmet, was a truly heart-pounding experience. Witnessed by over 1000 attendees and covered in the news, it was a spectacular moment, showcasing his fearless spirit and determination.

We look forward to more daring stunts and innovations in the future.

Hugh's Tightrope Stunt
Machinery and bowser Diggerland Kent
Singer at Diggerland Kent

All information correct as of: 1st July 2022.

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