Bowsers for Hire

At H.E. SERVICES, we have a range of Bowsers available for hire, from water bowsers to pressure washer bowsers and fuel bowsers, find out more on how they can be beneficial to you on your next construction project…

Our Water Bowsers

Water bowsers are used to help transport water to and from sites. Having a mobile water tank has great benefits, as it allows you to carry a large capacity of fluid which can then also be stored. 

Our water bowsers are suitable to tow on sites as well as on a highway, with or without the option of having dust suppression. 

Dust Suppression is great for sites that have high levels of dust in the area which can be a health hazard. Therefore, dust suppression bowsers are highly recommended on construction sites – especially this time of the year!

Our water bowsers have a maximum capacity of 1100 Litres, which is more than enough water to be used on site or even for emergency storing.

Having a wide spray radius, it is great to reduce the amount of dust in the surrounding area.

Find out more here on our Water Bowser Specification.

Our Pressure Washer Bowsers

Pressure washer bowsers are extremely powerful. These can be ideally used on site to help clean large equipment, machines, buildings and much more before they leave the site.

Having a pressure of 3000 psi, our pressure washer bowsers are suited to clean graffiti stains too- shows how powerful it can really be! 

Our pressure washer bowser applications are endless!

Great advantage of also having the dust suppression system attached to the back of the bowsers, which makes it very versatile. Not forgetting our pressure washer bowsers are road towable, making it easy to transport wherever you want it to go.

Find out more here on our Pressure washer Bowser Specification.

Water Bowser/Pressure Washer Hire

Our Fuel Bowsers

Fuel bowsers are used to transport fuel in large capacities to sites. Fuel bowsers allow you to refill construction equipment such as our excavators.

Static Bowsers

Our static bowsers are used to re-fuelling machines having the capacity of  1000 litres Our static bowsers include a built in dispensing pump.

2000L Portable Fuel Bowsers

Our portable browsers are used for site refuelling of machines however, they are not road legal.

24,000L Fuel Bowsers

This is our largest Fuel Bowser available for hire. This bowser is site towable only but due to its capacity it is very versatile for long term and large jobs.


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2000L Fuel Bowsers
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