Attempted robbery of over £250,000 worth of Excavators and a Dumper foiled by H. E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) and Thames Valley Police

On Friday 4th October 2019, H. E. SERVICES and Officers from the Thames Valley Police successfully foiled an attempt to steal 6 excavators and a dumper.

A phone call was received by our Cambridge Depot to book a number of items of plant for delivery to site on friday afternoon. Adrian Holmes, our hire manager at Cambridge depot, said: “It appeared to be a very genuine hire for an existing customer who had an account. They even sent us through an official order from the regular person who hires in plant and equipment”. 

attempted Excavator robbery

After carrying out newly instigated cross checks to prevent equipment being stolen by fraudulent hires, our Cambridge depot manger, Chris Larcom, concluded that the order placed appeared suspicious, despite the fact that the order was apparently placed through a legitimate construction company even using the name of the plant buyer and providing an official order from him on headed paper.

Upon delivery to site which was near Amersham in Buckinghamshire the ‘hirer’ was waiting to receive the plant but as the plant was being unloaded. Fortunately, Thames Valley Police arrested the apparent customers, who were later released on Police bail. The Police investigation is on-going.

An unusually large amount of plant and equipment has been stolen in the South East of England over the last 6 months, often by people posing as genuine customers when in fact they are not.

At H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) ltd, we have put additional security measures in place to prevent this happening which proved successful on this occasion.

These arrests follow hot on the heels of the recovery of our 20 tonne excavator which occurred the week before where Police were involved again to recover the excavator.


We would like to thank Thames Valley Police for there help!

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